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Question by  sandyriley (109)

How should I go about replacing an electric cooktop?


Answer by  CarrotTail (89)

It depends on what about electric cooktop is wrong. If one or more of the burners is not working you can go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy a new burner. If its the entire cooktop that needs work you can look up a local handyman or head out to an appliance store to buy a completely new one.


Answer by  jaymay (71)

First, take accurate measurements. Then, show the measurements to a salesperson at a home improvement store. Cut off electric/gas power. Lift the cooktop out (with help). Replace with new one.


Answer by  Peg (459)

Remove the old electric cooktop first. Be sure to turn off the power so you can safely disconnect the wiring. Find a new cooktop and install it. Read manufacturer's directions for specific steps for installation.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well if your existing one doesn't work, you should look into purchasing replacements and then install according to wikipedia instructions.


Answer by  rjn3100 (31)

Disconnect the cooktop from any power source. Find all the mounting holes and brackets, disconnect them from the counter top. Remove the cooktop, and replace it.


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

You would first take out the old one and measure the space in order to shop for a new one to fit in there. Then when you have the new one, turn off the electric in that part of the house and drop the new one in.


Answer by  Regime2008 (3)

First you must remove the gas or electrical line, then you remove the old cooktop, and then install the new one. Once installed, you can then connect the wiring back.

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