Question by  jennifercrowe84 (202)

How should I go about charging a renter for carpet damage?


Answer by  goodmommie (204)

Well if the renter lived there less than 7 years you can take it out of the security deposit or take them to small claims court. If they lived there 7 years or longer you most likly won't get anything for the carpet.


Answer by  cpress (36)

The amount of the cost of the carpet repair is removed from the renter's damage deposit. If there is no damage deposit, it should be billed to the tennet. If not paid, damages could be sought in civil court.


Answer by  eone282 (67)

take before and after pics. and maybe even a vid of before and after then keep the depsoit and talk take them to court with the contract,pics and vid


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

Your best solution is to sit down and speak to the renter with a mediator. Come to a solution you both find is fair. The renter is responsible for the repairing of the carpet until it is like it was when he or she signed the rental agreement.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Get the carpet repaired or cleaned and give the tenants the bill if they do not pay add it to the rental if they will not pay for the damage.

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