Question by  boopathimettur (10)

How can I charge my Razr phone on my computer?

I need to charge my phone and all I have is my computer.


Answer by  lauren75 (82)

You need to go to your local cell phone service provider and buy an attachment. This attachment will be a USB phone charger that will connect through your computer. Make sure that it is specifically for Razr phones and your correct service provider or it will not work and you will have wasted your money.


Answer by  jazzqueen (6)

You need a USB phone charger (Phillips makes one with w/5 tips and it's white). "Google" a Razr V3 driver, download. Connect cord to phone, phone is detected, the charging begins. Wha-lah!


Answer by  samwatson (160)

You should try and get a USB charger, one that works with a Blackberry will also work for your Motorola Razr.


Answer by  asktocharlie (22)

Download and install cingular connection manager software(includes drivers for razr phone) in to the pc and than use usb cable to charge phone through computer.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

You can use a cable with a mini usb on one end and a usb on the other. Normally it is a sync cable.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

There should be a wire that came with the phone you hook it up to the computer and it should charge it. It should have come with your phone. Or you can go buy on from the place you bought it from.

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