Question by  Viral (6)

How do you determine how extensive water damage is to a subfloor?

I recently received water damage to my home and would like to know how extensive it is.


Answer by  douglas (90)

You can tell how extensive water damage is to a subfloor by careful examination of the ply's, or layers, of the plywood. Delaminating occurs when the glue breaks down and the ply's move apart from each other. The same is true for a particle type board.


Answer by  hughey (196)

the only real way to determine that is to tear out the finished floor and visually inspect for weak spots. At that point is easiest to just replace questionable pieces


Answer by  joeinphilly (388)

Was the floor flooded? Or, did something spill? Was there standing water for a period of time? If the plywood is bubbling or coming apart then you need to replace the subfloor.

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