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Question by  ram00910 (29)

How should I build a pier and beam house?


Answer by  theblip (295)

It's a li'l complicated. There are a lot of calculations involved before you can figure out how deep to put the piers and beams and how far apart to space them out. What kind of soil do you have and how big a house do you plan to build.

Reply by light (200):
The minimum depth I would recommend is 18 inches. 36 inches would be great!  add a comment

Answer by  enlightened (206)

Great that you're thinking of a pier and beam foundation for your house. Reminds me of houses were built earlier - pretty good design and very useful to have your central heating unit and air ducts. You can also have some place for plumbing and electrical repairs in the space.

Reply by busyfingers (239):
I've heard that pier and beam foundations are helpful for people with backaches. These foundations help the bones and joints in view of their design! Awesome isn't it?  add a comment
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