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Question by  kamalakannan (9)

How much should you tighten the head screws of a Windstar v6 3.8?


Answer by  Jenny30 (161)

Tighten bolts in 3 steps. 1st step 14Ft. Lbs, 2nd step 29Ft. Lbs. , 3rd step 36Ft. Lbs. Once 36 ft lbs. is reached turn bolt 180 degrees.


Answer by  tab65 (456)

To tighten the head screws of a Windstar v6 3. 8 should be done with caution. They need to be done in sequence with 14 to 36 pounds of torque.


Answer by  WarCad (13)

First thing you need to know is in which order to tighten them. Tightening in the wrong order can result in warped surfaces which could possibly make the block or heads essentially garbage. Front |7315| Of |8426| Engine| Tighten them all in that order first to 14LBs, then repeat to 29LBs then finally 36LBS


Answer by  mb (5482)

The screws should be tightened firmly (more than finger tight) but not so much that you can't easily loosen them again.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Head bolts require an exact amount, typically 100+ foot pounds. Consult a rebuild manual for more info. Valve cover screws though should be snug.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

You should tighten them until you can not tighten any longer. They will need to be as tight as possible.

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