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Question by  marsh (9)

How do you remove the bumper off of a Ford Windstar?

I am trying to do some basic repair to my Ford and need to remove the bumper to do so, where are the screws and bolts located?


Answer by  Maiu (64)

In order to safely remove the bumper of your Ford Winstar, first you will have to remove all of the screws of the inner fender walls, then the mud flaps from the fenders and only then unbolt the bumper from top and bottom, finally removing all fender bolts.


Answer by  Angel1988 (81)

There are no screws just bolts, which are located inside the metel frame in the front of the vehicle. Also, is the same thing for the back.


Answer by  DanyDigital (4)

The screws and bolts are located in the low part of the bumper, which is easy just to have a screwdriver to make the procedure.


Answer by  sathya (237)

First check for the fittings in the bumper such as fog lights, addtional grills etc. Support the bumper and remove the screws one by one.

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