Question by  praveen57 (20)

How much money does the United States owe China?

I would like to know our debt to China.


Answer by  dianemarie47 (41)

We are in debt to China for a very lot of money. I saw on the computer about six month ago that we owe China about three trillion dollars.


Answer by  wpzpenguin (137)

As of July 2009, China owned 800. 5 billion dollars (23. 35%) of all US Treasury Securities. They are the top country where the US owes money.


Answer by  mangpang (23)

According to Ron Paul, a member of the house banking committee, we owe China about 2 & 1/2 trillion American dollars.


Answer by  Anonymous

$262 billion as of 2007 I know its not current but thats the info I have


Answer by  Anonymous

In an A.P. report, it is estimated that we owe China an arm and a leg. Which arm and leg they want is still up for debate.


Answer by  Slaimee (12)

$5million?! You are joking! 3 trillion Dollars! I5 million dollars isn't much at all!


Answer by  Anonymous

about $5000000

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that is almost nothing. they could earn that by cutting wasteful spending easily.  add a comment
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Lol! no other words can describe your answer!  add a comment
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