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Question by  tmc1581 (22)

How much money could you make if you made inventions for a living?

Would you need a side job?


Answer by  Chris1976 (6)

If I made inventions for a living, I would probably make very little money or no money. I am sure of this because I'm not a very imaginative person, and wouldn't be able to invent something that was profitable. Most inventions never come to fruition. Unless I wanted to be homeless and starving, I would definitely need a side job.


Answer by  Mekurai (30)

You would more than likely need a good nest egg saved up to promote your inventions and for getting patents and copyrights. Not to mention you would need a side job because inventing takes time and money. Ideas won't just pop in your head overnight. You would need money as a means of support for yourself and your inventing business.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

In the beginning you would need a side job. If you were lucky it would catch on, and only then could you rely on that for all your income.

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