Question by  aquamarine (33)

What is considered to be hurricane season for Aruba?

I am going to travel to Aruba soon and would like to know what months to avoid going there.


Answer by  bigwig (654)

Hurricane season in the Caribbean is from May to December. Since it is more dangerous during that time, at least plane tickets are cheaper!


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Hurricane season for Aruba (like almost all countries) is between the months of June right up on until around November, with some exceptions being both shortly before and after these months.


Answer by  daddyo (34)

Although hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June through late autumn, Aruba has statistically seen relatively few hurricanes pass nearby, and is generally considered a good weather destination year-round.


Answer by  Tracey62 (316)

Aruba is located south of the United States. Its hurricane season is the United States' hurricane season which runs from June to November.

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