Question by  paige (1)

How much is my acoustic/electric guitar worth, it is a Franciscan model#cn-8?


Answer by  Zox (82)

A lot really depends on the condition of the guitar, especially the fingerboard, frets and the body, but you can expect to get anywhere between $30 and $60 for it.


Answer by  wtfisjacobstars (5)

i know about these kinds of guitars they're something like around some $2000 or it depends on how good condition the guitar is in


Answer by  surgarplumicecream (5)

Hello i have a Guitar my self, i play it all the time! but when i first got mine it was over 700 dollars because i have an electric one. some can have hmm lets say be $2,000 but, it's worth over $8,000.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

It really needs to be looked at my a prefessional person that can apraise it. It varies with how old the guitar is,you may have played it in the past,the condition of the guitar. All this comes into play with the price of this guitar.


Answer by  cajuncuz (177)

That sounds like a good guitar. Going to ebay and seeing what that model is selling for is a good way to see the value of an item.


Answer by  LittleJohn (242)

The worth of acoustic/electric guitar Franciscan model#cn-8 is $60. It is one of the best model where most guitarist like. It is now reached on the top of the market place.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

No one can actually tell you the value until it is seen and examined by a professional. The worth is determined by the condition and the rarity.

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