Question by  elsewhen (627)

How do i determine the value of silver jewelry?

can it be worth more than just the actual amount of silver?


Answer by  soniv11 (25)

Value of silver jewelry can be determined by weight and by the purity of the silver or by the workmanship, if it is an antique designed jewelry than anything extra over and above the weight and purity. Purity of the silver can be checked by acid test on any portion of the silver jewelry without damaging the design.


Answer by  Marc (35)

The answer is yes and no. The jewelry of course has some value generally above the scrap value as the work that went into the piece and its use as an item of wearable accessory gives it some value. Rarity, age, workmanship and jeweler are other factors to consider also.


Answer by  Dee (33)

Not sure of your location but where I live in the newspaper there are advertisements for cash for gold people in town. Found out they took silver as well but did not ask the worth was but if you ever see an advertisement call them and ask them.

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