Question by  Tsuyu (10)

How much does it cost to ride the Staten Island ferry?

Can cars go on it?


Answer by  jmnwa (6)

The Staten Island ferry is not charging any admission to ride on it; this was suspended in 1997. The ferry can be accessed using buses, bikes, and other means of transit. Cars at this time are not allowed.


Answer by  trashcat (241)

The Staten Island Ferry does not cost a cent! It is free to ride, but you can only ride one-way (no round-trips). Cars are not allowed on the Staten Island Ferry.


Answer by  bill95 (5)

Riding the staten island ferry is a free service provided by the Department of Tramsportation of New York City. It is a passenger only ferry however, paid parking is available.


Answer by  POD42 (11)

The ride is free. In 1997 the fare for passengers was eliminated. No cars are allowed on the ferry, but bikes can be transported.

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