Question by  tom48 (30)

How much does it cost to have something sent Certified Mail through the USPS?


Answer by  patti (29325)

As of June 2011, the cost for certified mail is $2.85 for a standard letter. This includes a mailing receipt and delivery information.


Answer by  mjt30 (57)

The price will generally depend on the weight of the item you are sending through certified mail. Generally, you won't pay more than a couple dollars.


Answer by  webbbb (95)

Certified mail provides a mailing receipt and delivery. The current cost of sending a piece of mail certified is $2.85. Additional services include a Return Receipt for an additional $2.30 and Restricted Delivery for a fee of $4.50.


Answer by  Martinex8 (80)

You can have several different types or classifications of mail certified through US mail, so it's one of those things that is going to vary case by case. It is not cheap, but it does give you peace of mind as you can then track the progress of your important mail items.

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