Question by  xyroclast (65)

How much does it cost to mail a first class letter within the U.S?

The rate goes up so often, I can't keep up.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

The rate right now is .44 cents. It's gone up multiple times in the past few years. The post office said it won't be going up for at least another 6 months. If you stock up on the "Forever" stamps (the one with the Liberty Bell on it), then it doesn't matter if postage goes up or not.


Answer by  popper (107)

As of 2010 the rate for a first class letter is forty four cents. There are also Forever Stamps that are available which allow you to pay the current rate but are still usable if the cost increases any time in the future.


Answer by  MARYG (80)

Today is july 25,2010...The cost is forty-four cents...Several years ago the post office issued a forever stamp..You buy it at the current rate and use it forever..


Answer by  willow27 (34)

The current rate for a U.S. postage stamp is fourty-four cents. Any U.S. post office will carry forever stamps. These will be accepted as postage reguardless of the current rate.

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