Question by  Tyoon (34)

What are mail in savings?

I see advertisements all the time for mail in savings.


Answer by  wiss (21)

Mail-in savings require you to purchase a product then mail certain items (receipt, UPC code, or other "proofs of purchase") in order to receive a rebate. Rebates typically come in the form of a check, mailed to your home a few weeks after your purchase can be verified.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

If you buy a product and pay full price, mail in savings is when you can then send in the receipt and a filled in rebate form to get the savings back as a rebate check.


Answer by  greggula (112)

Often companies offer mail in savings to promote their products. This generally involves the purchaser to buy the product offered at full price and then mail in a coupon usually accompanied with a receipt or some other proof of purchase. Then the company will pay the purchaser the advertised savings usually by check or credit voucher.


Answer by  lynn (821)

its like a rebate. you buy the product keep your receipt and cut out the upc code off the package then there is some sort of form to fill out also and then you mail all of that to the company and they will send you a rebate check for whatever amount its for.

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