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Question by  984379 (8)

How much does a psp cost?

I want to buy one for a friend.


Answer by  thenerd (39)

It depends on the model. A psp 1000, which is old, can cost about $400, a psp 2000, which is 2nd oldest, can be bought for about $240, a psp 3000, the second newest, can be found for about $187,and a psp go, the newest, can be bought for about $250.


Answer by  pspanswer (14)

About $200 USD on the wal mart website. 210 is about the standard retail price at most American retailers. It has been rumoured that the price will drop to about 150$ USD in the holiday season. In the United Kingdom a standard psp goes for about 130 pounds at most brand name retailers.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Wow, you are a very generous friend. Send me one will you? Just kidding. It depends on what model you are looking for. Though most new ones will cost you $200 or more. I think the latest model is $299.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well most of the ones I have seen have been around $150. You can look around online or at your local game store to see if the have a used one for cheaper.


Answer by  TheDarkChild (72)

As of 12/12/2009 you can buy a PSP brand new for about $175. 00 and you will probably find a used one in some stores for around $99.


Answer by  Hom (238)

A PSP now costs around $170 for a new one, but around $120 for a used one. Search all the places that sell a PSP for the best deal.

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