Question by  VanG (12)

How much does a fuel filter cost?


Answer by  MechanicTech (103)

Good question, and one that varies by your car model and brand. You should consult either your car manual and refer to the schematic, or call your local auto-shop mechanic.


Answer by  lei (490)

Fuel filters are filters used to strain dirt, rust and other particles in the fuel. Fuel filters itself can cost from $5 to about $100. It can also be bought including its housing. The variation in price is affected by the type of car engine, the model and year of the car, and the brand of filter you are buying.


Answer by  raz (130)

A fuel filter generally costs anywhere from around $10 to $60 or more. Factors that influence cost include make/model of car as well as type of filter needed.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

To tell you how much it cost I need to know the year, make , model, and engine. Since you didn't give me this info all I can do is tell you to look online at Autozone or Advance's website for prices.


Answer by  loki4x4 (87)

Fuel filters can cost from $5 for a universal filter to as much as $50 depending or brand and if the vehicle has a carburetor or fuel injection.

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