Question by  tinsel2 (14)

How much does a Ford Expedition weigh?

I need to know for a physics project.


Answer by  alec369 (19)

The 2010 ford expedition has a weight of around 5801 pounds. This is the curb weight of the vehicle. it has a length of 206.5 and a height of 77.2 and a width of 78.8. I got the specs from the ford website and it was very easy to find


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the weight of an Expedition changes from year to year. Select a specific year, trim level, and engine. Then look online to find it's total curb weight using something like Google to search.


Answer by  solpo (35)

The curb weight of a two thousand and ten (2010) Ford Expedition is approximately five thousand, eight hundred and one (5801) pounds, or two thousand, six hundred and thirty one point three (2631. 3) kilograms. This will, of course, vary with equipment levels, fuel level, and quantity of passengers and/or cargo in the vehicle.

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