Question by  storie (20)

I'm a teen and very interested in psychology. Any suggestions to further my knowledge in the area?

Besides high school courses, I'd like to learn more. Suggestions for reading would be appreciated.


Answer by  UncertainKitten (27)

If you'd like to self study psychology before college, you check out your local college's psychological curriculum and get the textbooks that their courses require. Also, you could do some online research and look around the APA webpage. You also might want to consider getting a DSM-IV, but it's expensive and more for serious pursuit of a psychological career.


Answer by  xfairelanouba (88)

The journal "Psychology Today" is a great source of information on many areas within the field. For example, you can find articles on social, educational, and health psychology.


Answer by  Mario31 (136)

You can buy college level text books at your local college or online. Try starting with General Psychology, then talk to college instructors to get an idea of the subject.

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