Question by  Josi (65)

How many eggs do lice lay?


Answer by  lexilou33 (14)

Lice lay about 2-4 a day and have about 90 there whole lifespan


Answer by  cassie (12)

Lice lay many eggs,about 200 in a life span. Lice only live for 24 hours if not in the human hair.Eggs are laid 3mm from the scalp and take 9 days to hatch.


Answer by  ruby (68)

Different kinds of lice lay different number of eggs. Head lice lay about 4-5 eggs per day, whereas crab lice lay about 2-3 eggs a day.


Answer by  DS9Benji (52)

The number of eggs which are laid by a given female louse depend on the species involved. However, the average amount of eggs which female lice lay amounts to about eighty-eight.


Answer by  Sinefey (457)

A single female louse can lay about 4 eggs a day. Roughly 90 eggs during her lifespan. The average infestation will have about 15 louse on their head.


Answer by  Hiaaaa (5)

Lice is stupid.. and u dont want it.. They live for 24 hours.If not in human hair . so they can lay up to 200 eggs.. .. they lay up to 2-4 eggs each day ..they dig in ur scalp and get ur blood .. watch out.. use lice treatmeant


Answer by  Anonymous

i have had lice atleast 8 times , no im not a dirtball but its easy to catchin school ect... they hatch like 4 times a day. 124 eggs thier hole life, they only live a month. so 4 times 31? 124. so thts proof.


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Answer by  Anonymous

and think about it this way if you have, say five, thts about how much you get when you get it if your not infected. 5x124? 620 eggs in your hair ready to hatch, moms get ready to get down n dirty n nit pick!

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