Question by  worker2075 (15)

How many calories are in cheese?

To be specific how many calories would be in one serving of mild cheddar cheese?


Answer by  janeiem (19)

A serving of mild cheddar cheese would be one slice, or one ounce. Calories in a single serving of mild cheddar cheese ranges anywhere from 80 to 120 for a single serving, and will vary by brand. For actual calorie content, check the nutrition label for serving size and calories.


Answer by  sylsia (510)

One cup of mild cheddar cheese has approximately five hundred and thirty-two calories. Three hundred and eighty-five of these calories are from fat. It also includes forty-four grams of total fat.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

It is generally assumed that 1 ounce of mild cheddar cheese will be approx. 110 calories. This is regular cheese, not the low or reduced fat type.

Reply by mangosteen (272):
There can be a huge difference between regular and low or no-fat cheeses. I just saw a nonfat feta cheese with only 35 calories per ounce! I haven't tried it, but that is a very low calorie cheese.  add a comment
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