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Question by  ChemistryTeacher (26)

How long is cream cheese good for?

I have had some cream cheese for some time now and have no idea if it is good or not.


Answer by  lam (184)

Unopened stays good for awhile... frozen-I think it lasts for months. If it's open in the fridge past the expiration date, I would throw it away.


Answer by  nksmom (197)

Cream cheese is usually good for a couple of weeks, then starts to dry out. Check the date on the package; if it has passed, to be safe, toss it.


Answer by  Hairann (115)

Since cream cheese is a fresh cheese, it doesn't have a very long shelf life and I would not recommend using it past it's expiration date. If the date is not visible, judge about 2 to 3 weeks since manufactured date or by sniff test.


Answer by  lee54 (144)

As in any dairy product, cream cheese do not have a long shelf life. It is only as good until it's epxiration date. If you no longer remembe when you purchased your cream cheese, chances are, it is no longer edible. To avoid to risk of food poisoning, discard.


Answer by  sundayReed (62)

Forget about the expiration date. For best results the package says 7 -10 days after you open the seal. Thats where moisture and atmosphere air start breeding mold in the container


Answer by  ttock (75)

The absolute way you can know is your cream cheese is still good is to look at the expiration date on the package. Do not eat it after it expires.


Answer by  BirdOnAWire (171)

It varies by what packaging it's kept in and what temp it's kept at. About three weeks seems average, but since you probably don't remember when you bought it, I'd recommend looking over the packaging for the expiration date. If it has passed that date, toss it out. Better safe than sorry.


Answer by  Britt (453)

Check the "best if eaten by date". If it's past that, I would suggest not eating it. It doesn't matter it smells alright, or looks alright, it would most likely not be safe to eat. If there is no date, but the coloring is off, or there is mold toss it. Bad cream cheese is not safe.


Answer by  meo0314 (76)

It depends. Look at the expiration date.


Answer by  Anonymous

What does the company say about it?

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