Question by  bandit22 (19)

What cheese is used to make pizza?

I would like to make home made pizza and need to know what cheese is used.


Answer by  Caroline63 (16)

Hard Italian cheeses are used for pizza. Combine whatever cheeses you like. I always use some mozzarella, because it melts easily and has that stringy cheese effect that people like. I add some provolone for extra flavor.


Answer by  tessamalk (466)

Most pizza places use a mix of cheeses. Mozarella is the most common, but I would recommend getting a bag of mixed shredded cheese that has different types in it.


Answer by  Marie (778)

Mozzarella cheese is used to make pizza. You can buy pre-shredded packages of this cheese in the grocery store, which make it easy to prepare your pizza. The cheese is sprinkled over tomato sauce.


Answer by  grl1061 (86)

Many different cheeses can be used to make pizza, but mozzarella, parmesan, and goat cheese are popular. Avoid using cheddar cheese as it melts too quickly.

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