Question by  jelly (23)

How do you make cheese at home?

I would like to make my own cheese.


Answer by  lisasimpson (148)

There's this great cheese making kit that you can get at specialty stores. They have it at my local Whole Foods, check yours!!


Answer by  spiro (78)

For goat cheese preparation I needed 11 lbs goat milk, 1 soup spoon from goat's milk yoghurt vinegar and little spoon salt. When the milk is boiling add it yoghurt vinegar and receive lumpy mass. The lumpy mass was put in a piece of cloth pressed strongly to separate moisture. Add salt store in the dark and cold room.


Answer by  roatley (79)

Easy. Start with skim milk, add vinegar and heat. when milk separates strain through cloth and squeeze dry. Add curd to simmering water and remove. Knead. chill in ice water.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Making cheese can be done easily at home. Look for detail tutorial online for what specific cheese you are interested in. The only thing that it require that may be hard to find in your local stores is rennet. However it can be bought online if you can't locate it.


Answer by  Laly (269)

Boil milk. Add a little vinegar. Keep aside overnight to get the curdled clotes. Drain clots with cheese clothes. Apply pressure to takeout the excess liquid and place into refrigerator

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