Question by  HJHammann (23)

How many calories are in black coffee?


Answer by  LadyBertha (31)

A 8 oz. cup has about 2 calories it has been brewed. An instant cup of coffee made has around 4 calories. The calories are added when the milk, cream and sugar have been added to the mixture. Some types of creamers may contain over 50 calorie and that is just for one teaspoon.


Answer by  tface1000 (147)

An 8 oz cup of brewed coffee only has about two calories. An espresso only has one calorie. It's nearly calorie free. Coffee beans have some mono-unsaturated oils and a little bit of protein which account for the (few) calories. Adding cream, flavorings and sugar is what really packs the calories into a coffee drink.


Answer by  AKMGabriel (241)

I did not know the answer to this question so I did a search which led me to the USDA Agriculture site. I am very suprised at the amount of detail availible. I figure the answer should be in 6 fluid ounces, since that is the typical size we drink and the answer was 2 kcal.


Answer by  sajdakota (73)

In a mug of black coffee, 270 grams, there are five calories. The size of a mug will change the calorie count.


Answer by  BookMonger (147)

1 cup of black coffee will typically have less than 5 calories, usually about 2. None of those calories will be from fat.

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