Question by  kevin2009 (36)

How long is paint good for?

I have had two gallons of paint in my basement for three years.


Answer by  TB6465 (102)

Paint really doesnt go bad. As long as you keep the lid on it and make sure you stir it up really good before you use it it should still be good. The only thing you have to worry about paint is it clumping up or drying out. But other than that dont fret about it.


Answer by  vivianleigh (343)

If you cans of paint are unopened, they are still good and can be used. However, if they have been opened, they can only usually last about 1 year.


Answer by  tr6400 (88)

Depending on the moisture in you basement and the type of paint it is most likely still able to be used after stirring if it was sealed properly. However, if this paint is an automotive paint that has been opened and resealed by the consumer beware before using as it may not cure properly.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

The paint may or may not have been dried out or hardened during that time, if the cans were sealed improperly they may be rock-hard by now. If they are sealed find someone who will shake them before opening.


Answer by  manju (82)

paint is good for two to three years only because it is full of chemicals so due to rain and sun it will lost its appearance and good look in two to three years.


Answer by  Blaz (9)

Paint could be good for for a long time. Important is how it is kept. Can must be well closed, because if it's not some of components of paint start to evaporate through some small cracks and cause that it harden and paint is not anymore for use.


Answer by  worker3576 (72)

Whether the paint is waterbased or solvent based,and the Cans have not been opened, then the paint life could stretch upto 3 years.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

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