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Question by  Starless (24)

How long does it take to train a yorkie?

I have a Yorkie puppy and would like information on training him.


Answer by  alpk11 (173)

Yorkie puppies are fairly easy to potty train, but take time to train tricks. I have a yorkie and she only knows one trick. With consistent training and many treats, training your yorkie tricks is attainable.

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Answer by  Viv (136)

Training any animal, no matter the breed it is is difficult. You need the experience and the patience to do this. For some dogs, they grasp on quickly, while others it takes a long time. Be patient, allow the dog to really understand what you are asking him to do and you will soon have him trained.


Answer by  Bo99 (392)

First of all, go to the public library of a books store and buy a good book about that matter. Make sure to always use a positive approach and to reward your puppy, each time he will obey correctly. When he'll do wrong, don't yell at him and keep a lower tone voce and repeat the exercise.

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