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Question by  jimmy31 (89)

How long does it take to get in a swat team?


Answer by  msh73 (13)

It really depends on the individual and if you have any sort of criminal background you need not apply. The route to join a swat team first is usally as law enforcement with your local police or sheriff department. The route to a swat team involves a number of requirements ranging from formal education to professional on the job experience.


Answer by  HerpDerp95 (55)

The time it takes to get in a swat team could take quite a bit of time. Sometimes it can take anywhere depending on your skills from 1 year to possibly up to 3 years. This all depends on how good you are compared to the class and if you perform well on tests.


Answer by  mgison014 (171)

Three years in police officer or three years as patrol officer. You're automatically hire as SWAT team simply because you're already a member of police department. You have to pass the variety of exams in order to know if you're physically fit. If you pass all the examination then you can become a SWAT team member.


Answer by  jenn2350 (28)

Becoming a swat officer takes alot of training, stamina, and studying. There are differing requirements for the length of time it takes to achieve that status.

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