Question by  mookey7 (27)

What is normal swat pay?

I would like to be a part of a swat team and want to know what I will be paid.


Answer by  dovie6 (65)

SWAT officers earn a salary of roughly $47,000 a year. This varies a bit by agency. State governments tend to pay higher salaries than local governments. The salary usually goes up in places with higher tax bases and higher crime rates. Los Angeles and New York are going to pay more than the middle of nowhere Iowa.


Answer by  mjaromin (42)

In our country, swat personnel belongs to the Department of Interior and Local Government and is considered as the police force' elite. All the pay and allowances of a government employee applies, plus benefits (health, allowances, increase, privileges). So all in all, you'll be earning a good salary plus bonuses entitled to employees of your country.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

In order to become a SWAT officer you must first join a normal law enforcement agency. You will receive a salary based on your pay grade within that organization. Most law enforcement organizations then give a bonus salary to special units, like SWAT. For San Antonio PD, SWAT officers receive an extra $157 dollars a month.

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