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Question by  worker2669 (17)

How long does hair stay straight from straightening cream?


Answer by  DayTraderGirl (20)

Hair with straightening cream can last up to a few hours. If the cream is used with a straightening iron, this will improve the chances of hair staying straight.


Answer by  Mojet (20)

Hair straightening creams are not quite effective as they claim. For me cream works for 2 hours and then my hair start to look dry and dirty eventually effect is gone.


Answer by  DBEST (110)

It really depends on your hair and how well products work with your own hair. However most straightening cream will last for over 8 hours.


Answer by  nupsmommy (375)

Hair does not stay straight from straightening cream for very long. This is because it is easy to wash out. The best way to straighten hair is to use heat. You can use a hair straightener or you can use your hair dryer and brush to straighten out your hair.


Answer by  illdomybesttohelpyou (10)

about two months but if some water fall on it the wet place will becomes little thick than the other places so beware from touching the water and dont try to iron it becouse t will fall too


Answer by  Anonymous

It really depends on what kind of straightening cream you use and how long you leave it on, it usually wont last very long.

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