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Question by  cwaters2120 (31)

How long does a felony conviction stay on your record?


Answer by  Alicia (25)

A felony conviction stays on your record forever. As opposed to a misdemeanor, it is impossible to expunge it. This applies to the whole U. S. , and does not depend on the state.

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Answer by  Binome (1975)

While different states and nations have different laws, generally, a felony stays with you forever unless expunged through court decree. In some areas, felonies considered while a minor are automatically expunged upon reaching adulthood.


Answer by  mnmas (238)

Not 100% sure of the answer but I would guess that it is forever. I am assuming if you were convicted of something as bad as a felony that it would be a permanent part of your record.


Answer by  John (9008)

The rules for criminal records vary by state. Federal convictions also have their own rules. In general, however, a felony conviction remains on a person's record for the rest of their lives. There are some limited exceptions in some states for first offenses, but these are narrow.


Answer by  Anonymous

will a misdemeanor stay on your record

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