Question by  nosgdod (33)

How is canned laughter produced and why is it so overdone?

It seems to be used a lot.


Answer by  JoeWNJ (13)

"Canned laughter" is recorded while a real audience laughs and edited into a recorded television program. It is used often because laughter is seen as at least partially socially driven. In other words, people are more inclined to laugh when others are laughing - even prerecorded others.


Answer by  malone (4817)

It is recorded audience laughter. It is used to create the impression of a live audience, but mostly to make sure the audience knows when to laugh, particularly when the show is trite, corny or sub-standard. "Two-and-a-Half-Men" is a good example. Lots of bad writing=lots of canned laughter.


Answer by  takis (27)

It can be a recoding of a live audience or produced in a studio. The audio is then altered to the desired effect i.e. to sound like a bigger crowd.


Answer by  nosgdod (33)

I can understand why it is used but there seems to be no answer as to why it is overdone sometimes drowning out the speech.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am so sick and tired of overdone canned comedy shows from Quebec!

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