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Question by  filminfo (20)

How long do canned foods last past expiration date?

I have some canned food that is expired.


Answer by  lala13 (88)

Don't eat it. It probably isn't good at all after the expiration date. That date is there for a reason. Canned goods usually have a long shelf life, but once thy are no good, throw them out and buy new ones.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

Canned food is often still fit to eat after the expiry date has passed. If there is nothing obviously wrong with the can, no dents or signs of swelling, open the can and smell the food. If it doesn't smell bad and looks OK, it is probably safe to eat. If in any doubt, throw it away.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

It is recommended that canned foods be gotten rid of once they are past the expiration date. One reason for this is there is a high risk for botulism once foods are past a certain age when they have been canned. Be safe and replace the food with new stuff.


Answer by  Anonymous

the last few days I have eaten a can of Progresso , Healthy choice chicken soup and Chef boy r-dee ravioli with meat . the cans all expired 7 years ago . if the cans are not dented or rusted the food is good ....

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