Question by  Becky (20)

How good is the RPG toolkit?

I am thinking about buying one but want to know more about it.


Answer by  Marcus8 (84)

You prolly don't need to buy it. As I understand it the RPG toolkit is freeware downloaded on the internet. My husband has been having fun creating once he read the tutor guide. Can't get him off the puter now to save my life lol. Have fun.


Answer by  MablesTime (138)

Reviews have been mixed as far as the use of the RPS. Some say that the help files are hard to understand so it is quite a challenge for beginners, it doesn't have a uninstaller and that the guide is fairly useless. Most downloaded RPG tool kit from Cnet.


Answer by  Olddad (94)

I had a huge problem when I got the tool kit. I downloaded it and got multiple trojans during the installation so I aborted it right away. I haven't tried since. Probably if I bought it from a store rather than trying to download online it would be better.

Reply by AlaskanBeauty (76):
You might have downloaded it from a site that isn't very reputable. Try getting it from the free download center that RPG Toolkit Development Systems provides.  add a comment

Answer by  aks (221)

RPG toolkit has its own programming language called the RPG Code. With its help, one can develop distinctive game features according to their individual requirements. It will make their game very special and unusual. Its tools can be administered easily.

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