Question by  Jrm (34)

How far along am I fi the ultrasound measures the baby's age at 9 weeks?


Answer by  gummie (738)

An average pregnancy is approximately forty weeks. It can be difficult to figure what month you are actually in because most people say you are pregnant for nine months. That means nine full months, not the start of the ninth month, the end. You are just starting the third month.


Answer by  lmath629 (402)

Logic would dictate that you must be approximately 9 weeks along, in your first trimester. You have around 27 weeks to go before the baby is full-term and ready to be delivered. If you believe that you are more or less than 9 weeks along, talk to your doctor.


Answer by  Jamie51 (39)

Technically, one week pregnant. But from the day the zygote implants, two months one day, however being pregnant doesn not actually start counting for about two weeks or so. Yes.


Answer by  jennie (77)

You should be about two months and one week. However, when you get further along,the test will be more accurate. The doctor will usually measure your abdomen to be accurate. For every inch,it equals to one week.

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