Question by  josuenieves (57)

How does protective custody in prison work?


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

It is assumed because of what information the prisoner can bring harm to himself and others so it is best to seperate him from the rest of the population. It is usaually to save the prisoners life as there may be a contract out on his life.


Answer by  patti (29325)

A prison in protective custody is kept apart from the general prison population in a separate area of the prison. Guards are assigned to the prisoner to ensure his/her safety.


Answer by  John (9008)

Protective custody inmates are separated from general population. Sometimes they have their own wing, but they are often isolated alone.


Answer by  mansi (521)

Protective custody involves putting the person in a secure prison, but usually protective custody involves some degree of solitary confinement. In the case of a person being threatened due to his association with a certain group, moving that person to another section of the prison may be sufficient.

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