Question by  lm (20)

How does Garnier hair color compare to the other brands?

I've only used one brand my entire life.


Answer by  Nathan19 (6)

Garnier is a very good product compared to most others. I especially like Garnier Frutise, as it really gives my hair a sexy feel. If you've used Garnier your entire life, I would stick with it, if you have not used it, I recommend switching to it if you wallet allows.


Answer by  Almallela (108)

Well some people think Loreal is better but I think Garnier is fairly good. It helps at the restoration of hair color. I really like the Garnier brand and I would suggest using that.


Answer by  CCB (67)

I love Garnier hair products. It leaves your hair feeling smooth, silky, and better condition then other products. It feels better.


Answer by  Scot (591)

Garnier is no different that Nice and Easy or Hydrience. It will color the same and leave the hair in a similar condition. It is better than Ferria which will leave your hair brittle.


Answer by  Answerguru (51)

Garnier hair coloring is a great hair dye to use if you are looking for an affordable at home dye. It lasts long and does not leave your hair brittle.


Answer by  lizzzzz (27)

Garnier hair color works decently compared to other brands that are sold in boxes at super markets. Garnier does not compete against brands that are sold to stylists though.


Answer by  ccoyne (122)

I have had fantastic results with Garnier. It is ammonia free so the smell is not offensive and it is also infused with avacado and grape seed oil.

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