Question by  tylerj72993 (21)

How do you write a business plan?


Answer by  TFurg1 (14)

All business plans start with an idea. Heavy research is required to answer the most important question of "Is there a market for this business? " Analysis of start up, fixed and variable cost is required. Then a detailed lay out of how you will make the business work.


Answer by  swtsu1 (59)

In order to write a proper business plan, you should start with having clear and concise goals for your business. What is your true objective in starting a business?


Answer by  kitty714 (18)

Start by looking up sample business plans on the internet. Contact your public library, as they will probably have some type of reference matieral for you. Also, see if any of your local colleges have a business department that could possibly assist you.


Answer by  jmr (40)

There are many resources on the internet to provide a format for a good business plan. Do your research, prepare the executive summary and SWOT analysis first.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

A business plan details all the anticipated activities and expenses of your business, so the first thing you need to do is gather all the relevant information. Then, you must put it together in a coherent mannet that explains why you think the business will be profitable.


Answer by  D (11)

First, organize your thoughts into an outline. You should focus on what your business offers and the structure of your company as well as where you want to take it in the future. Your local small business office can provide help and even review your plan.


Answer by  gkimmer (10)

All successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with people smarter than they are. Consult with a professional business plan writer and get this done the right way. You have just 1 chance to make a first impression for an investor or banker.

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