Question by  KellyCapelli (20)

How do you write a business plan in order to get venture capital?

I want to open a restaurant.


Answer by  idiotjones (705)

A sound business plan has the following: demonstration of viability, supporting data, competing forces, amount of capital required, and plan of execution. The writer must show how much money is required, how the money is to be used, the long term plan, and what risks are imminent. All of this must be backed by convincing data.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are a number of books and software programs that walk you through how to write a business plan for a restaurant. It is the toughest business to secure capital for, unless you or a principal has a stellar record/reputation of success in the business.


Answer by  mediamaven (579)

A good place to start would be going to your local Small Business Administration office, which is generally listed under the name "SCORE", which stands for Service Corps of Retired Executives. These local offices provide "free" advice, materials and information on how to start a business, including how to secure financing and venture capital.


Answer by  Marie (778)

A business plan typically consists of separate sections in which you describe different aspects of your business. Start with a short summary that persuasively describes your idea and the market need it fulfills. Also include sections for market/current competition, operations, marketing, management, and finance. The finance section will describe how much money is needed and the expected return on investment.


Answer by  elecstorm83 (167)

Good! You need to get "Business Plans for Dummies". It is definitely required reading . This book is very good, and you will enjoy reading it. Detailed throughout are business plans.


Answer by  neverendingrepairs (21)

A good business plan includes proper research in the field of interest, including details of how it will succede and be able to repay capital.

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