Question by  Amber (23)

How do you word thank you cards?

This is for bridal shower gifts.


Answer by  tom96 (95)

When sending thank you cards to people who have sent you bridal shower gifts, always mention specifically the gift you were given and explain how the gift will be useful or enjoyable to you in your new state of matrimony. If your spouse is going to use the gift also, explain how he will benefit from it.


Answer by  John (9008)

You need to individualize them; be sure to thank the person for their specific gift. You should also mention how happy you were to see them at the wedding.


Answer by  Kassandra (203)

The best way to word any thank you card is with sincerity. If someone gave you a gift that was very touching or blew you away because of it's generosity, let your personal thank you express how it made you feel or how wonderfully generous the giver was.

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