Question by  rajasekar59 (3)

Are unopened baseball cards more valuable than those that have been open, if so how do you determine what cards you have?

I have several unopened packages of baseball cards that I was considering selling.


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

There is no way to tell what the pack contains until it is opened. They are more valuable to some people because the excitement of not knowing what's there gets them. You'll have to take it to a collectible dealer to get the true estimate. They may tell you to open them though to see if you got valuable ones.


Answer by  JBFLA (285)

They can be very valuable. First you need to research the age and brand of your cards to find out which players may be in them. You can go to a dealer and ask them for an appraisal or look at online auction sites for similar lots.


Answer by  bumblebee (313)

Packs of unopened baseball cards could be very valuable if it is a year that contained many star rookie players. Also packs that contain chances for autographed cards are valuable.


Answer by  idavid (385)

opening up packages of cards is a risk, sometimes worth taking. Depending on the packs, you can end up with a single card worth thousands of dollars, or a pack of cards worth a few cents. Without opening the packs, there is no way of knowing which cards you have.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

No not really. It doesn't matter. It's basically just about how old the card is. The older it is the more value it has.

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