Question by  jenewalk (1)

Is it appropriate to wear a leather dress to a wedding?

My soon to be mother-in-law wants to wear one to my wedding! Knowing her it will not only be leather, but it'll be super-busty and super leggy... I absolutely don't want her to, but she insists.


Answer by  mom98 (153)

No, a leather dress is something you would wear for a night on the town not a wedding. It is totally inappropriate for your mother-in-law to wear one.


Answer by  caliprincess04 (155)

Not unless she wants to look like the hired entertainment for the evening. You should take her shopping and pick out a dress that is a little edgy, yet still appropriate and tasteful. Have her try it on and tell her how hot she looks in it. Compromise?


Answer by  liilii (103)

I don't think it's appropriate, it's more for a night club than a wedding


Answer by  navywriter (790)

I dont think that is appropriate at all. It appears she is just trying to get attention for herself, when it is your wedding day. Tell her NO.


Answer by  YK (304)

That is difficult to answer, not knowing your family dynamics. What are her reasons for it? How does your fiance feel about it? Have you discussed the issue together? If you are both against it, then discussing it with her again, tactfully and honestly, should hopefully make her think.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

Submit to her will, gracefully, for your future's sake. Hope the dress is a pastel shade and not black (shudder). Any bustiness/legginess will reflect on her, not you.

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