Question by  yuvaraj33 (7)

How do you watch youtube videos on your psp?


Answer by  Edenane (22)

Unfortunately due to the current memory limitations on all versions of the Playstation Portable, youtube videos cannot be viewed on the handheld console. Back when the console was released, and youtube videos used much less memory than they do nowadays, it was possible to watch short clips from the site on a PSP.


Answer by  DengekiDaisy (12)

The most convenient way is to download your preferred video and convert it into MP4 format and transfer it into your PSP. There are several sites which will let you download videos from youtube. Once you have found a good online site, you will convert the downloaded video into MP4.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Unfortunately you cannot watch videos directly from youtube. There are some program that are supposed to let you do this but I think they require you to run modified firmware.


Answer by  starr (93)

Go to yourube and click play. Make sure you have your psp updated so you can view the video correctly. If it doesn't work you probably need to install something.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

I do not think that that is possible. I think all the videos you get have to be by PSP, or from the PSP site.

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