Question by  angel83 (5)

How do I make a video on YouTube?

My friends and I have some great ideas for funny videos.


Answer by  Xisco21 (110)

You simply need to make a video in a standard WMV, AVI, MOV or MPEG format, and you can upload it to YouTube. They will convert the format for you.


Answer by  Colbert12654 (37)

First you make an account. You must have the video already made and edited. You click upload, fill out all the required forms and find the file on your computer.


Answer by  scariapj (346)

Record the program in either. Avi or. MPG formats which supports you tub uploaded the program directly from the web cams or digitalcamera after being coppied to you computer.


Answer by  cklight (327)

To make a video on youtube, you must have a built in camera on your computer or upload a movie file form your data banks and post it.

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