Question by  Michael1419 (39)

How do you download videos from your phone to a computer?

I took a video of my children that I would like to add to youtube.


Answer by  dolphin9 (195)

It depends on the phone. If it is a smartphone, you should be able to synch the video from your phone to your computer by plugging the phone into your computer. With other phones, I would suggest sending the video as a picture message to your email address.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

Without a data cable no, however you can try and email the picture to yourself, you do this by sending the video in a text message and instead of putting in a phone number you type in your email address. However, make sure you have a data plan because this could cost up to $10 without one.


Answer by  worker5167 (63)

There are various websites that allow you to send them the video as a message, and they can download it to your computer. Another option is buying a computer to phone cable from any phone item sales store, and you can just transfer it on the computer.


Answer by  worker4452 (80)

You could transfer the video via bluetooth or data cable provided with the phone. Just connect the phone to computer with data cable and follow instructions. Or you can pair your phone with computer via bluetooth and do the transfer.


Answer by  kd97 (733)

It depends on the model of cell phone you have. The most 'universal' way would be to use an adapter that would read the media your phone carries (eg: micro sd, memory stick, etc. ) and simply drag and drop the files from the card to your desktop.


Answer by  kf4vkp (295)

You can try to email it to yourself from your phone using a MMS, but if it's too big to do so, you will need a cable that connects your phone to your computer and then just move it from your phone to your computer through 'my computer'.

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