Question by  venkataraman (52)

How do you treat diseases in a hibiscus plant?

My hibiscus has become diseased and I want to know if there is a chance it can survive.


Answer by  georgesmith (138)

The way to treat most surface diseases is to use a dilute solution of soap and water. For internal diseases the best method is to cut off the offending piece of the plant.


Answer by  FMTC (109)

Be sure to sterilize shears. Avoid spreading disease by isolating the affected plant. Many diseases can be cured by adding a weak chlorine bleach solution to the soil. If you cannot revive your plant be sure to consult an expert. Properly watered and fertilized plants are more resistant to such diseases.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

First of all, isolate the plant. Keep plant tools clean. Keep plants watered and fertilized for prevention of plant diseases. Discard plants that cannot be "fixed".


Answer by  gmn (8)

First you find what type of diseases attack your plants. Then you can cut the attack diseases part of the plant body. Then use pest control to spray the all parts os the plants.

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