Question by  SamZ (27)

What is proper indoor palm tree care?

I need to learn how to care for my indoor palm tree.


Answer by  Cypress (166)

Indoor palms must be kept away from direct sunlight. They require humidity in the form of misting, but should never be kept in standing water. Good drainage is crucial.


Answer by  lorel (274)

Indoor palms must be kept warm. They should not be situated near an air conditioning vent or in any other cold location. It is very important that the palm have enough room in its pot, both for mechanical balance, and for the comfort of the root system. Water thoroughly when the soil surface becomes completely dry.


Answer by  KANNAN0401 (43)

for indoor plant should have proper sunshine, minimum of one to two hour should be in sunshine and also watering for the palm tree is properly maintained, if in case the plant in a room we should take care about two days once we will put it in to the sunshine.

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