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Question by  kaju (11)

How do you treat a puncture wound from a thorn?

The thorn didn't break off in the wound.


Answer by  me23 (7)

Wash the wound with soap. Apply disinfectant to the wound. Put on a bandage if necesarry. Thorn wounds are usually nothing to worry about.


Answer by  chigirl (121)

If the wound is bleeding a lot, has ragged edges, and/or is very deep or wide, get medical attention. If not, clean the wound with soap and water. Apply some sort of anti-bacterial ointment (ie, Neosporin), wipe off the excess, then bandage the wound.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

If the wound is small and shallow use pressure with a clean clothe to stop bleeding and then clean the wound with soap and water. Be sure to put on an antibacterial ointment that you are not allergic to. Wrap the wound securely in a waterproof bandage. If the wound is deep or leaves jagged edges see a doctor.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

You should first wash the wound throughly with soap and water, then apply some kind of disinfectant to the wound,cover the puncture with a bandage, make sure to repeat this over about two or three days. Puncture wounds from thorns are usually pretty mild injuries, just watch for any infection.


Answer by  rui1270 (30)

First,you must remove the thorn. Then check if there are other foreign materials while disinfecting the wound, then put pressure to the dressing to prevent further blood loss.


Answer by  kittynymph (17)

If the thorn is deep within the skin seek medical attention. If not, remove with a pair of tweezers then add pressure to stop bleeding. Clean and cover the area.


Answer by  Anonymous

just pull it out, apply oitment and a bandage, and boom. Done.

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