Question by  fly52 (13)

How do you throw a football spiral?


Answer by  swnsn45 (30)

Only your pinky and ring finger should be on the laces. Your middle and index finger should left of the laces. Place ball up at your shoulders, reach back, move arm forward then release. Your index finger should be the last finger off of the football when throwing forward.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

First make sure that you are holding the ball correctly with your fingers on the laces. next focus on the release. Throw the ball overhand and make sure that as you release the ball, it rolls off of your fingers in a sideways spinning motion.


Answer by  cutelittlepuppies (19)

Grip the football lightly near the top with your index finger near the tip and your pinky in the middle of the laces. Step foward, and release snapping foward.


Answer by  Jufocker (11)

The key to throwing a spiral with a football I would have to say is with alot of pratice. There is only one way to throw a football which usually ends up with a little spiral. It also has to do with the release time and finger actions. It also is helpful if you flick your wrist at the end.

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